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Reference: ISH2015_282

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Hybrid Energy Harvesting Methodology for Wireless Sensors in Condition Monitoring of Power Equipments



The paper has proposed a hybrid scheme of magnetic, thermoelectric and vibration energy harvesting (EH) within power grid. This novel topology aims at providing power supply for low-power wireless sensors or devices deployed in condition monitoring of power equipments. To the end, energy conversion properties of the three EH methods were investigated first by simulation and experiments. Particularly, a kind of optimized structure for stick-on magnetic harvester has been developed. Whereafter, the paper structured a hybrid energy management system with ultra-low power consumptive circuitry. It enables joint access of the three sources, and conduces to enhance the output capacity. Simulation and experiment results indicate that in situations of representative energy profiles, magnetic and thermoelectric harvesters are capable for greater output capacity, reaching 366mW and 1.98W, while vibration harvester outputs 0.63mW. In tentative application, stable 2.3V DC has been obtained and operational power consumption of the sensors has been covered. It reveals that ambient energy scavenging methodology discussed in the paper is suitable for low-power ZigBee sensors, which also provides indications for powering other condition monitoring devices in power grid by the proposed EH methods.

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Year: 2015

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