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Reference: ISH2015_28

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Allowable limits to Short Time Voltage Drops in HV Withstand Tests



The current versions of IEC60060 part 1 [1] and part 2 [2] give incomplete definitions about the allowable voltage drop during a HV test and give limited requirements for measuring systems necessary for tests where non-disruptive discharges occur. Currently, there is vague information in IEC60060 Part 1 as to how long the specified maximum voltage drop can persist before the test is considered a failure. IEC60060 Part 2 contains some information about the frequency response of measuring systems for AC and DC voltages but does not give guidance on the characteristics of measuring systems needed to record fast, non-disruptive discharges that may be more than 10% for DC and 20% for AC. In this paper, we would like to stimulate a discussion and encourage researchers to work on this problem to form better definitions for voltage drop. This paper also attempts to encourage researchers to study this phenomena to better define criteria for characterizing the response of measuring and recording systems used for tests where short-term, non-disruptive voltage drops are expected. By establishing better definitions and values for these parameters, researchers will be able to help improve the definitions contained in the next IEC revisions and also the requirements for digital measurement systems for recording these events as covered by the proposed new standards IEC61083 Parts 3 and 4. This information can also lead us to improved characterization of the source requirements for AC and DC HV tests.

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Year: 2015

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