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Reference: ISH2015_251

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Mobile application for the estimation of lightning incidence to vertical slender structures



Estimation of lightning incidence to vertical slender structures, such as telecommunication towers and wind turbines, is a formidable task. It is, however, of great importance in terms of reliability and insulation coordination of the connected power systems. The present study introduces a general methodology for the estimation of downward flashes to vertical slender structures on the basis of the statistical and several electrogeometric and generic lightning attachment models. The methodology has been incorporated in a user friendly mobile application, called TLIC. Lightning incidence calculations show that the relevant IEC 62305 procedure yields results deviating significantly from those obtained according to several lightning attachment models. It also, implementing an oversimplified geometrical approach, does not account for the dependence of lightning incidence on lightning peak current distribution and lightning interception probability distribution. With the aid of TLIC mobile application the effects of structure height, lightning peak current distribution and, based on the statistical model, lightning interception probability distribution are easily quantified. TLIC can be a useful tool for lightning risk assessment of vertical slender structures.

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Year: 2015

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