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Reference: ISH2015_247

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Study on Rain Washing Effect on the Pollution Layer of Insulators



Rain washing is one of the important factors that affect the pollution degree of insulators, so it is important to study rain washing effect on the pollution layer of insulators to predict the pollution degree and instruct the cleaning work. In this paper, the influence of rain intensity, rain washing time, raindrop inclination, shed type of insulators and adhesion state of pollution layer on the rain washing effect was studied based on the self-designed rainfall simulation system. Test results show that cleaning effect of rainfall increases as rain intensity and raindrop inclination increase; the variation of residual pollution on the insulator with time fits to the exponential model; double-umbrella insulators have better rain washing effect than standard insulators; the adhesion strength of pollution layer has significant impact on non-soluble pollution while relatively small impact on soluble pollution. Relevant conclusions can be used to instruct the distribution and cleaning work of outdoor insulation.

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Year: 2015

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