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Reference: ISH2015_227

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Investigation on shielded rooms for reduction of the partial discharge back ground noise level using a new measurement method



Shielded rooms are common equipment in high voltage testing laboratories. Especially a low background noise level is required if a low partial discharge level has to be proven for a high voltage equipment in a routine or type test field. Test fields are mostly integrated into the factory of the HV equipment. High voltage tests on HV Cables have the highest requirements on the background noise level of the laboratory. Therefore the effectiveness of the damping is important. According to the IEEE standard 299 or the DIN EN 61587-3 the damping characteristic can be measured. The effective background noise level expressed in PD cannot be predicted. The current paper proposes a measurement method which verifies a very low background noise level caused by radiated interferences. The partial discharge signal consists of a rectangle impulse. The new measurement method takes the rectangle disturbing signal in account. The goal is to ensure a certain background noise level in a shielded room which is integrated in a certain environment of a factory. The new method is demonstrated on a test set up.

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Year: 2015

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