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Stators bars of generator units and high voltage bushings of main transformers of ITAIPU : aspects of acquisition, factory acceptance test , controls and management during stocking – The influence of theses practices in the power generation



Itaipu is currently the world´s largest hydroelectric plant in power generation. For each generator unit are associated 1008 stators bars , which has voltage class 18 kV and a constructive particularity that is the existence of hollow conductors in its interior, which are used for the circulation of demineralised water and low condutivity for cooling of the stator winding . This characteristic differentiates the winding of the Itaipu's generator from other of the world. For each generator it is associated a 3-phase group of monophasic transformers (18 kV/525 kV ; Brazilian side 60 Hz : 768 MVA – Paraguayan side 50 Hz : 825 MVA ). Currently, the most of bushings installed in these transformers has main insulation type RIP (Resin impregnated paper), which must withstand, within another dielectrics solicitations , the phenomenon that is originated during switching operation of Itaipu (SF6) gas insulated substation (GIS) knew as VFT – very fast transient. Both the stators bars and high voltage bushings are essential equipment for the process of generation of energy and for the management of these equipment since the stage of the acquisition until the stage that they will be installed in the field is part of Itaipu's strategic planning. This paper will discuss the process of acquisition adopted by Itaipu concerning the stator bars and bushings, showing the factory acceptance tests , considering the specification of Itaipu and the applicable standards and also the technical management adopted when these equipment arrives in Itaipu, remain stocked , until the moment that they will be installed in field. About the bushings, it will be approached the register of wave of current and voltage, which are specified by Itaipu during the impulse and VFT tests carried out in factory. All high voltage tests performed on laboratory will be showed.

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Year: 2015

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