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Reference: ISH2015_192

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Electric Field Behavior of Parallel Insulators under HVDC Stress



If insulators are arranged in parallel, then the behavior of the electric field is totally different. It is important to know the behavior of these insulators used in HVDC system. Electric field characteristics on the surface of parallel insulators have an obvious influence on corona generation, surface discharge and flashovers. The distance between the insulators is the key parameter which must be considered in the design of the structure of double insulator assembly. Based on the finite element method, this paper illustrates the electric field behavior of parallel insulators under HVDC. There are many literatures which explain the behavior of polluted insulators under AC. Only few literature sources explain the behavior of polluted insulators under DC stress. DC energized insulators gather more pollution because of the electrostatic attraction of pollution particles under the unidirectional electric field. It is easy and sufficient to simulate the simple models instead of complex models which usually take so much random access memory and time. In this work insulator without sheds is considered as the simple model. For comparison and to know the behavior it is sufficient to use the simple models. This paper also explains the pollution and non-pollution behavior of parallel insulators energized with HVDC.

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Year: 2015

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