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Reference: ISH2015_167

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Breakdown Mechanism Based on Secondary Streamer Propagation and Channel Heating under Non-uniform Electric Field in Air



Under non-uniform electric field with relatively short gap in air, we have clarified in the past that the breakdown occurs due to secondary streamer channel heating. In this mechanism, the arrival of secondary streamer to grounded plane electrode is one of the necessary factors. In this paper, we discuss the influence of secondary streamer propagation and channel heating on breakdown occurrence for different non-uniformity in electric field distribution. As a result, in the case of lower non-uniformity, the secondary streamer can easily propagate to the grounded plane electrode. This is because the back electrode behind the high voltage electrode enhances the electric field at the streamer head in the gap space. However, since the arrival of secondary streamer to the plane electrode does not always lead to the breakdown, the applied voltage would determine the threshold whether the channel could be sufficiently heated. On the other hand, in the case of higher non-uniformity, the arrival of secondary streamer to the plane electrode always results in the breakdown. This is because the secondary streamer would reach the plane electrode at relatively high voltage and then the subsequent channel heating could be sufficient. These experimental results revealed that the channel heating breakdown occurs when both the secondary streamer arrival and the channel heating are satisfied.

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Year: 2015

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