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Reference: ISH2015_161

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Possibility of decreasing 50 Hz electric field exposure with different coveralls under 400 kV power lines



This study investigated the possibility of decreasing the 50 Hz electric field exposure with different coveralls. We tested three different coveralls under a 400 kV power line. The test person put on different coveralls, and she stood on aluminum paper, which was isolated from the ground with a plastic bag. She did not wear shoes or socks. The current between the ground and the aluminum paper (Igp) was measured. The electric field was 3.8 kV/m. When the test person was wearing coveralls 1 (conductive textile), the Ipg was 3.2 µA. With normal clothes, it was 41.4 µA. The current induced to her was only 7.7% of the current induced when wearing normal clothes. With coveralls 2 (worn by electric company workers), the current was 44.2 µA, and with coveralls 3 (for winter, worn by workers), it was 46.0 µA. Using other coveralls (2 and 3), the current induced to the test person was even higher than with ordinary clothes. Thus, the normal working clothes did not influence the exposure to the electric field when the test person was isolated from the ground. Moreover, the resistivity of shoes plays a role; some shoes isolate a person from ground better than others. In conclusion, it can be stated that normal coveralls do not decrease human exposure to electric fields, but with protective coveralls, it is possible to decrease electric field exposure. It can be possible to develop new solutions to decrease electric field exposure using different clothes or textiles.

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Year: 2015

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