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Reference: ISH2015_153

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Asset Management for Power Apparatus with Intelligent Grid Management System (IGMS)



In order to maintain the high efficiency and high quality of T&D system for next generation, the authors have proposed “Intelligent Grid Management System (IGMS)”. In this paper, the optimum control and maintenance of power apparatus in a 275 kV / 77 kV T&D model system with 7 transformers and 26 circuit breakers are derived by IGMS with the degradation control and the strategic maintenance of power apparatus. Since the transformers are to be degraded with the increase in their winding temperature, IGMS can mitigate the degradation of an aged transformer by reducing the load or power flow of the aged transformer and taking the burden on the younger transformers. IGMS can also provide the maintenance (regular, overhaul, replacement) strategy with the optimum timing for each power apparatus through the balance between the maintenance cost and the failure risk to be avoided by the maintenance. Since the degradation control and the strategic maintenance of power apparatus are closely correlated, IGMS can derive the optimum solution in consideration of the above both operations simultaneously. The fixed and variable T&D costs for 30 years with and without IGMS are calculated, and the cost reduction effect by IGMS is evaluated. As the result, IGMS is expected to bring about the reduction of variable cost by as high as about 66% than that without IGMS.

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Year: 2015

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