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Reference: ISH2015_15

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Transient Analysis and Suppression for Transmission Cable Systems under Switching



Following the development of urbanization in recent years, underground cables have gradually replaced overhead power cables. However, when compared to overhead cables, the ground capacitance of underground cables produces comparatively more severe transients when switching, and these intense transients tend to influence cable equipment. This paper based on an existing underground cable system located in Taiwan, numerous case samples were developed in this study for performing simulations and analyses. Electromagnetic transient analysis program (EMTP) was used to establish a model of a comprehensive underground power cable system. Actual system parameters were then entered into the simulation program in order to determine the completeness of the model and the correctness of the outcomes. Subsequently, simulations of the different transients were caused by the various closing time of the circuit breaker. Finally, this study discusses and evaluates three methods for reducing switching transients, including choosing the best switching angle, installing line potential transformers in all three phases, and installing a closing resistor.

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Year: 2015

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