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Reference: ISH2015_137

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Leakage current performance evaluation of a woodpole distribution line structure



Medium voltage overhead distribution line woodpole structures have the risk of pole-top fires occurring due to leakage current flow under particular environmental conditions. Outdoor laboratory experiments were conducted on a scaled down woodpole structure to evaluate its leakage current performance. The intention was to determine the effect of different insulator material, profile and orientation on the structure's leakage current levels. The ultimate objective was to ascertain if insulator choice and application can result in improved leakage current performance of such structures and consequently reduce the risk of pole top fires. The structure was polluted artificially and energised with a three-phase supply. Porcelain post insulators, High Temperature Vulcanised (HTV) silicone rubber post insulators and HTV silicone rubber long rod insulators were used for the tests. The results show that insulator material has the largest effect on the structure's leakage current performance followed by insulator profile. Orientation of insulators on the cross-arm had the least impact.

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Year: 2015

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