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Reference: ISH2015_112

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Measurement of transmission line galloping via monocular vision analysis method



Monocular vision analysis method was applied in measuring parameters of transmission line galloping in this paper. Through comparison experiments on gallop test machine and small test line, it is feasible that the method has high measurement accuracy, and the error of frequency and amplitude is better than 1% and 3%. It could be concluded that monocular vision analysis method was applicable and effective. Meanwhile two 500kV galloping events of real size test transmission line were studied. Some parameters were obtained such as amplitude, frequency, order of 500 kV real overhead transmission line galloping, dynamic trajectories and two-dimensional section of feature points, which could provide reference data for design of 500kV transmission line structure and anti-galloping device. The method and conclusion in this paper provide basic method and data for how to prevent galloping and studying on galloping mechanism.

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Year: 2015

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