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By starting the "CIGRE Green Book" series, CIGRE follows the vision to create the best possible reference books available in the market on the various subjects o f electrical power networks as dealt with by CIGRE and its Study Committees. More than 50 authors, all of them internationally regognized experts in their respective fields of expertise, have joined hands to accomplish this monumental task. The contents of the book cover, after a historical flash-back, all aspects of overhead transmission lines.These includes : planning and management concepts, electrical and mechanical considerations, influence of the weather, and on the environment, detailed design of all line componenets, construction and maintenance aspects, line optimization and asset management, as well as a comparison between overhead lines and underground cables, a very timely issue. They are presented in such a way as to be an invaluable reference for the practicing engineer but also for academia and decision makers.

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Year: 2017

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