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Reference: ELT_304_7


Network modelling for harmonic studies


This Technical Brochure provides comprehensive guidelines for practising power system engineers when they need to perform harmonic distortion assessments. The focus is on practical aspects of frequency-domain modelling for direct application in the planning process of connecting a new customer to the transmission or distribution system, or when introducing a change to the system as part of asset replacement or system expansion. They will also assist connectees when modelling their installation to assess or demonstrate compliance with the emission limits provided by the System Operator and to investigate and specify mitigation measures such as harmonic filters. Furthermore, this document can also be used post-commissioning for any incident investigation or to assist resolution of customer complaints via modelling and analysis.


File Size: 306,9 KB

Pages NB: 4

Study Committee:  B4, C4 ?

WG (TF): JWG C4/B4.38

Year: 2019

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