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April 2019


In this issue :



  • CIGRE - The best training academy - By Rob Stephen, President of CIGRE

Life of Association

  • In memoriam of Angel Gallego

  • CIGRE Webinars - Programme

  • CIGRE Egypt - Conference on the future of electricity grids - Cairo - March 6-8, 2019


Annual Reports

  • B1 - Insulated cables
  • B2 - Overhead lines


Technical Brochures

  • 753 - WG C5.23: Wholesale market price caps
  • 754 - WG B4.67: AC side harmonics and appropriate harmonic limits for VSC HVDC
  • 755 - WG A2.43: Transformer bushing reliability
  • 756 - WG B1.45: Thermal monitoring of cable circuits and grid operators' use of dynamic rating systems
  • 757 - WG A3.35: Guidelines and best practices for the commissioning and operation of controlled switching projects
  • 758 - WG B1.46: Test regimes for HV and EHV cable connectors
  • 759 - WG C5.22: Mitigating systemic market risk in electricity markets

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Year: 2019

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