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February 2019



In this issue :



  • The End to End approach of CIGRE - By Rob Stephen, President of CIGRE

Life of Association

  • In memoriam of Jack Casazza
  • In memoriam of Ralph Gens
  • CIGRE Turkey - Power system conference - Ankara - November 15-16, 2018


Annual Reports

  • A1 - Rotating electrical machines
  • A2 - Power transformers and reactors
  • A3 - Transmission and distribution equipment
  • C6 - Active distribution systems and distributed energy resources
  • D2 - Information systems and telecommunication


Working Group Report

  • WG A2.54 - Power transformer audible sound requirements


Technical Brochures

  • 746 - JWG D2/B2.39: Design, deployment and maintenance of optical cables associated to overhead HV transmission lines
  • 747 - WG C5.16: Costs of electric service, allocation methods, and residential rate trends
  • 748 - JWG C3/B1/B2.13: Environmental issues of high voltage transmission lines in urban and rural areas
  • 749 - JWG B3.35/CIRED: Substation earthing system design optimisation through the application of quantified risk analysis
  • 750 - WG C2.17: Wide Area Monitoring systems – Support for control room applications
  • 751 - WG D1.48: Electrical properties of insulating materials under VLF voltage
  • 752 - WG C5.25: Regulation and market design barriers preventing to capture all the value from fast and highlocation-freedom energy storage

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