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August 2018

Life of Association
  • Edito - Role of CIGRE in determining the grid of the future - By Rob Stephen, President of CIGRE
  • Jicable HVDC'17 - Dunkirk - November 20-22, 2017
  • CIGRE 2018 Awards - Recipient List
  • CIGRE Portugal Annual Meeting - April 20,2018
  • CIGRE supporting electric power sector development in Sub-Saharan Africa


Reference Paper

  • Insulation condition during transformer manufacturing


Annual Reports

  • SC C1 - Power system development and economics
  • SC C2 - Power system operation and control
  • SC C3 - Power system environmental performance


Technical Brochures

  • 728 - WG B1.28: On-site Partial Discharge assessment of HV and EHV cable systems
  • 729 - WG A1.47: Technological feasibility studies for Super and Ultra Premium Efficient motors
  • 730 - WG D1.51: Dry air, N2, CO2 and N2/SF6 mixtures for gas-insulated systems
  • 731 - WG B2.52: The use of robotics in assessment and maintenance of overhead lines
  • 732 - JWG D2/C2.41: Advanced utility data management and analytics for improved operation situational awareness of EPU operations
  • 733 - JWG C2/C6.36: System operation emphasizing DSO-TSO interaction and coordination
  • 734 - WG B3.38: Management of risk in substations
  • 735 - WG A2.45: Transformer post-mortem analysis

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