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June 2018


Life of Association

  • CIGRE - Preventing “Reinventing the wheel” - By Rob STEPHEN, President of CIGRE
  • CIGRE Distinguished Members 2018
  • CIGRE Technical Awards 2018
  • Meet my Project - NC Turkey - Kocaeli - March 29, 2018
  • CIGRE General Assembly


Reference Paper

  • Effects of Increasing Power Electronics based Technology on Power System Stability: Performance and Operations


Annual Reports

  • SC A2 - Power transformers and reactors
  • SC B3 - Substations and electrical installations
  • SC B4 - DC systems and power electronics
  • SC B5 - Protection and automation


Technical Brochures

  • 722 - WG B1.55: Recommendations for additional testing for submarine cables from 6 kV (Um=7,2 kV) up to 60 kV (Um=72,5 kV)
  • 723 - WG B3.40: SF6 measurement guide
  • 724 - WG A1.46: Guide on use of premium efficiency IE3 (IEC 60034-30) motors & determining benefits of green house gas emission reduction
  • 725 - WG A3.29: Ageing high voltage substation equipment and possible mitigation techniques
  • 726 - WG C6.27: Asset management for distribution networks with high penetration of distributed energy resources
  • 727 - JWG C4/C6.35/CIRED: Modelling of inverter-based generation for power system dynamic studies

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Year: 2018

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