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February 2018




Life of Association

  • Edito - Rob Stephen
  • In Memoriam - Gérard Leroy
  • Fellow Awards
  • 2018 Membership fees - Last reminder
  • 2017 SC C3 General Meeting joined with SC B2 - Seoul, Korea - September 25-29, 2017
  • Women’s Network CIGRE UK: “Standing Out with Confidence” - London, UK - November 7, 2017


Annual Reports

  • SC A3 - High voltage equipment
  • SC C6 - Dispersed generation and distribution systems


Technical Brochures

  • 708 - WG B2.47: Guide on repair of conductors and conductor-fitting systems
  • 709 - WG C5.20: Drivers for major change to market design
  • 710 - WG C5.21: Impacts of environmental policy on power markets
  • 711 - JWG C6/B5.25/CIRED: Control and automation systems for Electricity Distribution Networks (EDN) of the future
  • 712 - WG C2.23: System restoration procedure and practices
  • 713 - WG B4.60: Designing HVDC grids for optimal reliability and availability performance
  • 714 - WG B1.41: Long term performance of soil and backfill of cable systems
  • 715 - WG C1.27: The future of reliability - Definition of reliability in light of new developments in various devices and services which offer customers and system operators new levels of flexibility

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Year: 2018

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