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October 2017





Life of Association

  • Renewable energy: Would a worldwide grid be the solution? By Rob Stephen (from Energize Magazine)
  • Final Report of the 2017 CIGRE Symposium in Dublin - May 2017


Annual Reports

  • SC C3 - System environmental performance
  • SC C4 - System technical performance
  • SC D2 - Information systems and telecommunication


Technical Brochures

  • 695 - WG B2.48: Experience with the mechanical performance of non-conventional conductors
  • 696 - WG A3.25: MO surge arresters – Metal oxide resistors and surge arresters for emerging system conditions
  • 697 - WG B4.63: Commissioning of VSC HVDC Systems
  • 698 - WG D2.38: Framework for EPU operators to manage the response to a cyber-initiated threat to their critical infrastructure
  • 699 - WG B4.58: Control methodologies for direct voltage and power flow in a meshed HVDC grid
  • 700 - WG C2.16: Challenges in the control center (EMS) due to distributed generation and renewables
  • 701 - WG C1.15: Review of drivers for transmission investment decisions

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