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August 2017



Life of Association
  • CIGRE Symposium - Dublin, Ireland - May 2017
  • 4th International Colloquium: Transformer research and asset management - Pula, Croatia - May 10-12, 2017
  • Taking opportunities, shaping the future - Report of Women Engineers Forum - Weihai City, China - July 6, 2017


Annual Report

  • SC C2 - System operations & control


Reference Paper

  • Management of network losses 


Working Group Report

  • WG C1.35 - The global electricity network - Concept of study


Technical Brochures

  • 690 - WG A1.36: Vibration and stability problems met in new, old and refurbished hydro generators, root causes and consequences
  • 691 - WG D1.44: Pollution test of naturally and artificially contaminated insulators
  • 692 - WG C5.18: Market price signals and regulatory frameworks for coordination of transmission investments
  • 693 - WG A3.33: Experience with equipment for series and shunt compensation
  • 694 - WG B2.56: Ground potential rise at overhead AC transmission line structures during power frequency faults

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Year: 2017

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