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June 2017




Life of Association

  • CIGRE Women’s Network events UK in 2017
  • CIGRE Turkey NC meets University
  • CIGRE Ordinary General Assembly


Reference Paper

  • Living with electric and magnetic fields (EMF)


Annual Reports

  • SC B3 - Substations
  • SC B4 - HVDC and Power Electronics
  • SC B5 - Protection and Automation


Technical Brochures 

  • 683 - JWG A3/B4.34: Technical requirements and specifications of state-of-the-art HVDC switching equipment
  • 684 - JWG B4/C1.65: Recommended voltages for HVDC grids
  • 685 - WG D2.36: Communication solutions for information exchange in the smart delivery of electrical energy
  • 686 - WG B3.37: Mitigating the effects of arcs in M.V. switchgear
  • 687 - WG B5.42: Experience concerning availability and reliability of DSAS
  • 688 - JWG C2/C5.05: Development of reliability standards and market rules
  • 689 - WG B1.36: Life cycle assessment of underground cables

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Year: 2017

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