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February 2017



Life of Association
  • Message from the President Rob Stephen : Benefits of electrical energy
  • Power systems conference 2016 by the CIGRE National Committee of Turkey
  • 2017 Membership fees : last reminder
  • In Memoriam : Dr Fouad TAHER


Invited Paper

  • Electricity policy changes: Case of Kazakhstan by Bakytzhan Kazhiyev


Annual Reports

  • SC A1: Rotaring electrical machines
  • SC A3: High voltage equipment


Technical Brochures

  • 669 - WG B1.34: Mechanical forces in large cross-section cables systems
  • 670 - WG C1.32: Establishing best practice approaches for developing credible electricity demand and energy forecasts for network planning
  • 671 - WG B4.62: Connection of wind farms to weak AC networks
  • 672 - JWG C4/C6.29: Power quality aspects of solar power
  • 673 - WG A2.42: Guide on transformer transportation
  • 674 - WG B3.24: Benefits of PD diagnosis on GIS condition assessment
  • 675 - WG B4.61: General guidelines for HVDC electrode design

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Year: 2017

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