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Reference: ELT_286_6


Guidelines for the preparation of “connection agreements” or “Grid Codes” for multi-terminal DC schemes and DC Grids



In the light of recent advancement of HVDC technology and the prospect of DC grid projects a need to address the required guide lines to develop the DC grid codes has arisen. Grid Codes or network codes are a set of rules and guidelines that govern a power system environment with multiple stakeholders, which describe e.g. the technical requirements that the equipment must fulfil in order to be integrated in the system and the rules and guidelines for interactions between the systems and stakeholders under steady state or abnormal operation conditions. This brochure provides recommendations on the models of interactions between the stakeholders and activities from planning to operation including technical aspects of planning, building and operation of a DC grid. Based on these recommendations a specific (set of) grid code(s) can be developed for the DC grid. The focus of this document is on the MTDC grids, and not on the HVAC networks which are connected to these DC grids. The objective of this brochure is to support the concerned stakeholders i.e. system planners, system operators (SO) and system users, to develop their own particular DC grid code.

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Study Committee : B4 ?

WG (TF): WG B4.56

Year: 2016

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