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February 2016





Life of Association

  • Jicable – Highlights of Jicable ’15, June 2015, Versailles, France
  • HV DC conference in Northeast Asia, October 2015, Seoul, Korea
  • AORC-CIGRE technical meeting 2015, August 2015, Sabah, Malaysia
  • Conference “Future of the power systems and the electromechanics industry’s role”,16 November 2015, Istanbul, Turkey


Annual Reports

  • SC A1 - Rotating electrical machines


Technical Brochures

  • 637 - WG B5.45 - Acceptance, commissioning and field testing techniques for protection and automation system 
  • 638 - WG B2.51 - Guide to overall line design 
  • 639 - JWG B3/B1.27 - Factors for investment decision GIL vs. cables for AC transmission
  • 640 - WG B1.35 - A guide for rating calculations of insulated cables
  • 641 - WG A1.05 - Guide on economic evaluation of refurbishment/ replacement decisions on generators
  • 642 - WG A2.37 - Transformer reliability survey 
  • 643 - WG B2.42 - Guide to the operation of conventional conductor systems above 100°C

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Year: 2016

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