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December 2015



Life of Association
  • Women In Cigre
  • CIGRE Symposium, South Africa
  • CIGRE Conference, Canada


Annual Reports

  • SC D1 - Materials and Emerging Test Techniques
  • SC C2 - System Operation and Control


Technical Brochures

  • 629 - WG B5.43 - Coordination of Protection and Automation for Future Networks
  • 630 - WG A2.44 - Guide on Transformer Intelligent Condition Monitoring (TICM) Systems
  • 631 - WG B2.44 - Coatings for Protecting Overhead Power Network Equipment in Winter Conditions
  • 632 - WG C6.20 - Integration of Electric Vehicles in Electric Power Systems
  • 633 - WG C4.410 - Lightning Striking Characteristics to Very High Structures
  • 634 - WG D1.45 - Impact of rain on insulator performance
  • 635 - WG C6.22 - Microgrids 1: engineering, economics, & experience Capabilities, Benefits, Business Opportunities, and Examples - Microgrids Evolution Roadmap
  • 636 - WG D1.23 - Diagnostics and Accelerated Life Endurance Testing of Polymeric Materials for Hvdc Application

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Year: 2015

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