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April 2015



Life of Association

  • Third International Colloquium on Transformers - Transformers Research and Asset Management - Split, Croatia, 15 – 17 October 2014
  • In memoriam of Wil Kling


Annual Reports

  • SC B1 - Insulated Cables
  • SC B5 - Protection and Automation 
  • SC B4 - HVDC and Power Electronics


Working Group Report

  • C5.13 - Emerging Technologies


Technical Brochures

  • 604 - WG B4.57 - Guide for the Development of Models for HVDC Converters in a HVDC Grid
  • 605 - JWG B1/B3.33 - Feasibility of a common, dry type plug-in interface for GIS and power cables above 52 kV 
  • 606 - WG B1.11 - Upgrading & Uprating of Existing Cable Systems
  • 607 - WG B3.06 - Contracts for Outsourcing Utility Maintenance Work
  • 608 - WG C2.21 - Lessons Learnt from Recent Emergencies and Blackout Incidents
  • 609 - WG B4.51 - Study of Converter Transients Imposed on the HVDC Converter Transformers

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Year: 2015

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