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February 2015




Life of Association

  • In Memoriam Christian Dubanton


Annual Report

  • SC A3 High Voltage Equipment


Technical Brochures

  • 598 - WG B2.54 - Guidelines for the Management of Risk Associated with Severe Climatic Events and Climate Change on Overhead Lines
  • 599 - WG B5.40 - Education, Qualification and Continuing Professional Development of Engineers in Protection and Control
  • 600 - JWG C4.206 - Protection of High Voltage Power Network Control Electronics Against Intentional Electromagnetic Interference (IEMI)
  • 601 - WG B2.43 - Guide for Thermal Rating Calculations of Overhead Lines
  • 602 - WG A3.24 - Tools for the simulation of the effects of the internal arc in transmission and distribution switchgear 
  • 603 - JWG B5-D2.46 - Application and Management of Cybersecurity Measures for Protection and Control

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Year: 2015

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