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Worldwide ElectricEnergy Market: Beware of the Statistics Trap in Government Procurement

If you are working for the electric energy business, your organization is privately or publically owned, or a mix of both. From a perspective of offering products and services to foreign government entities, what are the main constraints in B2G (business to government) and G2G (government to government) relationships? The failures of foreign multinational companies (FMNCs) in China provide insights surrounding such issues, particularly in the solar panel and wind power industries. Recent research has further demonstrated that these constraints are not exclusive to the electric energy sector, reinforcing particular environmental issues to consider in business strategy when the client is also the one who defined the market rules. What have we learned from contemporary realities in international trade in the electric energy sector as well as in international negotiations that tend to liberalize government procurement? We've learned that the stakes in government procurement are not the same as those in the private sector and therefore there is a need to better define this complex environment, and provide tools and insights to better evaluate opportunities and threats.

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Year: 2014

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