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Disaster Recovery within a Cigre Strategic Framework: Network Resilience, Trends and Areas of Future Work



Power grids and related infrastructure can be damaged or destroyed by natural and manmade disasters. While there is often much emphasis on immediate power restoration actions, this paper seeks to highlight the importance of developing a strategic approach for disaster recovery. This is within the context of other Cigre projects concerning various aspects of disaster response. Employing a strategic framework can help provide a more comprehensive approach for aligning immediate, post-disaster repairs with medium-term planning and longer-term recovery goals. It may also have a bearing, or even offer guidance, in future crises. Accordingly, this paper adopts a high-level perspective in analysing a number of case studies to illustrate the main lessons learned from different utilities and organisations coping with disaster responses. Recognising these lessons allows for a broader understanding of some of the overarching issues and identification of trends to inform potential Cigre work in disaster planning.

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Year: 2014

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