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Reference: CSE016

CIGRE Science & Engineering

CSE 016 - Special Edition ISH 2019



This journal is the outcome of CIGRE's desire to broaden its publication to scientific articles of interest for its members, and outside the CIGRE sphere.


In this issue :


  • Electric field grading and breakdown voltage enhancement of gas insulated power apparatus with functionally graded materials (FGM)
  • Rate constants of C4F7N decomposition reactions
  • Dynamics of water droplet on hydrophobic surface before flashover under AC electric field
  • Evaluation of the estimation methods for lightning interception efficiency of air-termination mesh
  • Laboratory measurements of thermal behavior of overhead power lines due to natural convection
  • Some issues related to impulse testing of gaseous insulation with synthetic air
  • Comparison and analysis of PD measurements under DC voltage in different HV laboratories
  • Potential distribution measurements inside a thermal stressed DC bushing with polymeric insulation films
  • Traceable measurement of transmitted overvoltages in instrument transformers
  • Numerical simulation for creepage discharge in oil/pressboard composite insulation system with multiple pressboards

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Pages NB: 69

Year: 2019

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