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Reference: CSE009

CIGRE Science & Engineering

CSE 009



This journal is the outcome of CIGRE's desire to broaden its publication to scientific articles of interest for its members, and outside the CIGRE sphere.


In this issue: 


  • Efficient computation and experimental validation of ACSR overhead line conductors under tension and bending
  • Experimental investigations of bending stresses of ACSR conductors due to aeolian vibrations
  • The full line decomposition method – a further development for causationbased cost sharing
  • Cascading trees
  • External lightning protection system for wind turbine blades – Aerodynamics
  • Modeling and validation of battery energy storage systems using simple generic models for power system stability studies
  • Wind power support during overfrequency emergency events 
  • Circuit breaker TRV reduction and SSR mitigation for series compensated lines
  • Concept for industrially relevant magnetic power loss measurements by Single Sheet Testers and Epstein Frame Testers
  • Application and dimensioning of line surge arresters to improve lightning performance of the IECo transmission grid 170-kV

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Pages NB: 120

Year: 2017

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