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Reference: COLL_MOS_2017


SC D2 Colloquium - Moscow 2017

  • SCD2_2017_PS1_02 - Operational, short and long term profile optimization (economic dispatch) of distributed energy resources in Microgrid
  • SCD2_2017_PS1_03 - Advanced platform for virtual power plant operation
  • SCD2_2017_PS1_04 - Applications based on PMU technology for Microgrid
  • SCD2_2017_PS1_05 - Emergency and postemergency control in the formation of Microgrids
  • SCD2_2017_PS1_07 - Security assessment & system optimization platform for grid stability control
  • SCD2_2017_PS1_08 - Microgrid monitoring protection and control based on synchronized measurements
  • SCD2_2017_PS1_09 - Centralized automatic power supply of active consumer with distributed generation sources
  • SCD2_2017_PS1_12 - The distributed system for solution of planning and dispatching problems in large interconnection
  • SCD2_2017_PS1_13 - Strategies and benefits of control centralized and distributed in distribution




File Size: 7,4 MB

Study Committee:  D2 ?

Year: 2017

Place: Moscow, Russia

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