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Colloquium - Montreal 2019



  • 101 – Study of Distributed Grounding Line Selection Application Based on GOOSE
  • 102 – System-Based Technique to Evaluate the Risk of Self-Excitation of Synchronous Machines
  • 104 - AI-Based Islanding Detection for Utilities and Industrials
  • 105 - A Station Domain Islanding Detection Method Based on Topology Analysis
  • 106 - Generator Failure Forensic Simulations Study, Lessons Learned
  • 108 - The Identification of Transmission Line Overload and Fault Based on Ucosf
  • 111 - Power System Stabilizer Tuning with Presence of Torsional Oscillations
  • 112 (Eng.) - Smart Transmission Grid Based on Smart Power Lines with Independent and Redundant Optical Fiber Network
  • 112 (Fr.) - Réseau de transport électrique intelligent formé de lignes de transport intelligentes et d’un réseau indépendant et redondant de fibres optiques
  • 113 - Condition Assessment and Reliability Analysis of Porcelain and Toughened Glass Cap and Pin Insulators
  • 114 - Management Insulator contamination problems, mitigation methods and innovative predictive maintenance of overhead lines
  • 116 – The Design of Control and Protection System of 150 MVAr SVC in Nuevo Vallarta Substation in Mexico
  • 117 - Analysis of Short Circuit Withstand Capability of Power Transformers
  • 118 - Simulation and Analysis of Resilient Power Systems in PJM
  • 120 - Torsion of Transformer Windings under Short Circuit
  • 122 - A Simplified Practical Relation of Tap-Changer Control Mode upon HVDC Valve Power Loss and its Engineering Application
  • 128 - Research and Application of Protection Principle of 300Mvar Class New Synchronous Condenser
  • 129 - Shunt Reactor with Auxiliary Winding System Inter-turn Protection Based on Zero Sequence Differential Current
  • 133 (Eng.) - HV and EHV Current Transformer Dielectric Condition Assessment and Root Cause Analysis
  • 133 (Fr.) - Évaluation d'état diélectrique at Analyse des causes profondes des défaillances des transformateurs de courant à haute tension (HT) et très haute tension (THT)
  • 134 (Eng.) - Condition Assessment Methodology for Power Transformers
  • 134 (Fr.) - Méthodologie d’évaluation de l’état des transformateurs de puissance
  • 135 - The Fundamental Evaluation of the Methodology of Constrained Connection for
  • Distributed Generation for Procuring Flexibility in European Countries – Lessons for Japan
  • 137 (Eng.) - Upgrade to HVDC AC Filters Protections – Using Impedance Calculation
  • 137 (Fr.) - Améliorations aux protections des filtres c.a. des convertisseurs CCHT en utilisant un calcul d’impédance
  • 138 (Eng.) - Risk-Informed Decision-Making in Asset Management of Electrical Utilities
  • 138 (Fr.) - Prise de décisions en tenant compte des risques pour la gestion des actifs des sociétés d’électricité
  • 139 (Fr.) - Unité Mobile : une nouvelle approche de remplacement d’un système de commande et protection dans une installation existante
  • 140 - Generation Connection Process - North American vs Australian Experience
  • 142 - Sizing Study for a Hybrid Power Flow Controller – Comparison with the Nanjing UPFC
  • 144 – Multi-FPGA Solution for Large Power Systems and Microgrids Real Time Simulation
  • 146 - Normalised Voltage Instability Sensitivity Index: A New Concept for Monitoring Voltage Stability in the Control Centre
  • 148 - The Value of Performing Power Factor Sweep Measurements on Bushings
  • 151 - Reactive Power Planning Strategy for the BC Hydro Transmission System
  • 152 - Reliability and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Various HV Substation Configurations
  • 153 - Harmonic Resonance phenomena in lightly loaded MV network
  • 157 - Bypassing GSU transformers in case of emergencies or maintenance
  • 158 - Early Fault Detection on Energized Substation Equipment
  • 159 - Implementation and Testing of a Flicker Meter Using IEC 61850-9-2 Sampled Values
  • 160 (Eng.) - Transformer cooling system monitoring using neural networks
  • 160 (Fr.) - Surveillance du système de refroidissement des transformateurs à l’aide des réseaux neuronaux
  • 161 - Determination of Hot Spots in Gas Generators Using Brillouin Based Fiber Optic Distributed Sensor
  • 163 - Operational Experience of Essex STATCOM after Refurbishment
  • 165 - Design Validation and Field-Testing Experience of Linear Shore Line Grounding Electrodes for Reliable Operation of HVDC Links
  • 166 - Improved Jiles-Atherton Hysteresis Model for Converter Transformer Controlled Switching Assessment in Nelson River Bipole III HVDC System
  • 167 - Development of transmission voltage class, reconnectable 230 x 115 kV mobile transformers for improved reliability of power delivery
  • 168 - Implementation Experience of URTDSM Project in Indian Power System
  • 175 - A Station Service Voltage Transformer Designed and Tested to Withstand a Severe Internal Arc Fault
  • 176 (Eng.) - Development of an Asset Management Decision Support Tool for Hydro-Québec TransÉnergie
  • 176 (Fr.) - Élaboration d’un système d’aide à la decision pour la gestion des actifs à TransÉnergie
  • 177 - Assessing Water Content and Vibration from Dynamic Measurement in Transformer
  • 178 - Secured Substation Protection & Automation IED Firmware Management
  • 179 - A Complete Average Value Model of Modular Multilevel Converter
  • 180 - Increasing Transient Stability Limit by Nonlinear Damping Design
  • 181 - Real-Time Dynamic Protection Zone Determination for Interconnected Power Systems using Network Theory Principles
  • 183 - The Research on the Key Equipment for 750kV Fixed Series Compensation in 3000m a.s.l.
  • 184 - Ten Years of Experience with Natural Ester Dielectric Fluid in 245 kV: Shunt Reactor of Vilhena Substation – Eletronorte
  • 185 - Recognition of the benefits by the use of Transformers and Reactors immersed in  insulating fluid with high fire point (K Class): the case of Fire Department of Sao Paulo state in Brazil
  • 186 - Challenges Faced and Measures Adopted for RE Integration in Indian Power system
  • 187 - Design optimization of a 138 kV transmission line with optical phase conductors
  • 188 - Challenges Faced and Lessons Learnt in Development of Indian Electricity Markets and Regulations
  • 189 - Method for Suppressing Current Spike in Wide Input Flyback converter
  • 190 – Digital transformation of substation through IEC61850 standard: experience deploying digital substation pilot through digital substation replica
  • 191 - Converter Transformer Cold Starts: Specification Nuances and Operational Impacts
  • 192 - Investigating the Choice of Load Model and its Parameters for Different Voltage Response Scenarios in Large Power Systems
  • 193 - New Methodologies for Accurate Modelling and Simulation of Advanced Telecommunication-Based Protection Schemes in a Software Environment
  • 194 (Eng.) - Improved conductor endurance limit by using a clamp with conical elastomers
  • 194 (Fr.) - Amélioration de la durée de vie en fatigue du conducteur en utilisant une pince de suspension avec des élastomères coniques
  • 195 - A DER Management System for Distributing Power among Discretely and Continuously Controlled Devices within DER group
  • 196 - Multi-Feeder Protection Methodology and New Product Design for Distribution Substations
  • 197 - Con Edison Transmission System Reliability Model
  • 198 (Eng.) - Case study for assessing the integrity of a service-aged transformer repair using Frequency Response Analysis (FRA)
  • 198 (Fr.) - Étude de cas d'analyse de la réponse en fréquence (FRA) pour l'évaluation de l'intégrité d'un transformateur usagé suite à une réparation
  • 199 - Transmission Line Route Refinement with Simultaneous Geomorphological Assessment
  • 200 - Active Power Priority Vs. Reactive Power Priority Operating Modes in Solar Plants
  • 201 - Mitigation of inrush and outrush currents in capacitor bank switching using dry type air core reactors
  • 202 - The Energy Twin – A Solution for Techno-Economic Business Case Analysis of Microgrids & Distributed Energy Systems (DES)
  • 203 - Field Validation of Various Line Rating Methods on a 138 kV Transmission Line in British Columbia
  • 207 - Paradigm Shift in Operational Philosophy of POWERGRID
  • 208 - Voltage Source Converter (VSC) Operation at DC Lines close to AC Lines
  • 209 - Web Applications for Transmission System Asset Health Monitoring
  • 213 - Active Filtering of harmonic voltages or currents utilizing a MMC STATCOM Design Aspects and Performance Experience
  • 214 - Steel foundations design optimization of a 138 kV transmission line
  • 217 - Energy Storage and Ancillary Services Markets in North America
  • 218 - Reduction of CLPU Overload through Active Load Management
  • 219 - Use of GIS Tools and Space Technologies for Optimal Transmission Line Routing and Asset Mapping
  • 220 - Transformation of a Large Diameter Monopole to a Pinned Support Guyed Tower
  • 221 - Magnetic and Thermal Impact of GIC on Power Transformers: A Case Study
  • 223 - HVDC O&M Strategy
  • 225 - Research on Key Technical Parameters of Main Equipments for UHV Converter Station in High Altitude Area
  • 226 - Substation Anomaly Detection System – A Substation & Distribution Network Cybersecurity Early Warning System
  • 227 - A coordination control between SVC and bus/shunt reactors
  • 228 - Synchronous Generator Load Sharing Models for Diesel-Based Remote Systems
  • 229 (Eng.) - Preliminary Study of Ester-based Fluids for Application in Transformers Serving in Cold Climatic Regions
  • 229 (Fr.) - Étude préliminaire sur les liquides à base d’ester pour les transformateurs utilisés dans les régions froides
  • 230 - MiGen Project – Empowering the transformation at the grid edge
  • 231 (Eng.) - Fabrication of a durable superhydrophobic coating for high voltage glass insulators
  • 231 (Fr.) - Fabrication de revêtements superhydrophobes durables pour les isolateurs en verre
  • 232 (Eng.) - Validation of an AACSR conductor with trapezoidal wires for a river crossing
  • 232 (Fr.) - Validation d’un conducteur AACSR avec fils trapézoïdaux pour une traversée de rivière
  • 233 - Application of Small Signal Analyses in Model Validation Studies
  • 235 - Line Rating Optimisation with Numerical Weather Models: the ALiRA Project
  • 236 - Optimal Energy Management and Storage Sizing for Electric Vehicles
  • 238 - Effects of Future Uncertainty on Present-day Asset Management
  • 239 - Impact of Load Modelling Parameters on Motor Start simulation in The Alberta Electric System
  • 240 - Demand Response Services in Electricity Markets of US and Canada
  • 242 - Comprehensive Motor Condition Monitoring Integrated in Advanced Protection Relays – A real case study
  • 244 - The AURORA vulnerability: The sword of Damocles over the heads of rotating machines
  • 246 - Dynamic Interactions between a large PV plant and a STATCOM
  • 247 - A Novel Combined Reactive Power-based Frequency and Power Oscillation Damping Control by PV-STATCOMs
  • 248 - Connecting Controlled Switching Devices in Power Plants to Analytics Tools in Sorgenia’s Operations Centre to Increase the Service Life of Apparatuses
  • 249 - PV Solar Farm Control as STATCOM (PV-STATCOM) for Alleviating Subsynchronous Oscillations
  • 260 - Lifecycle Management for HVDC Systems
  • 261 - Influence of extreme low humidity on the dielectric strength of air insulation under critical design voltages

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Year: 2019

Place: Montreal, Canada

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