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Colloquium - Montreal 2016



  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-008 – 400 kV GIS Development for Ireland
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-009 – Use of HTLS in New Line Designs
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-010 – Recent situation of UHV AC transmission systems and TC122 (Ultra high voltage AC transmission systems) Activity
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-011 - The development of large potential shields for UHVDC application
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-015 - Canadian experience with dry type EHV current transformers
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-016 - Cascade Style Composite Insulation Dry Type Current Transformer for EHV Applications
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-017 - Methodology for HVDC corona tests
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-018 - Commissioning Test Experience and Related Simulation Analysis of UHV Series Capacitor
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-019 - Conception d’une fondation mort terrain évoluée pour pylônes rigides fortement sollicités en territoire éloigné
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-021 - New trend on Transmission Power Lines and related Stringing Equipment Development
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-024 - Case study: effectiveness of Transformer firefighting (deluge) System in Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC) network
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-025 - DC transformer bushing replacement program in MH HVDC converter stations – implementation of RIP silicone rubber bushing design
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-026 - Optimal selection of insulation for NordLink ±525 kV DC transmission line in Norway
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-027 - Introduction to ACSR conductor SAG at high temperature
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-028 -Testing of 400 kV GIS
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-032 - Switching phenomena and requirements of the capacitor bank circuit at the tertiary side of 1000 kV transformer
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-033 - Development of a Pre-Insertion Resistor for an 800 kV EHV GIS Circuit-Breaker
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-037 - Consideration and Implementation of EHV substation in Metropolitan Area
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-038 - Practical Methods for Estimating Snow Accretion of Overhead Power Lines and Its Impact on Tower Members
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-040 - Design implementation and testing experience of 1000kV series capacitor in China
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-045 - Study of possible regulation range of a 735kV – 110MVAr single phase shunt reactor with on-load tap-changers
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-046 - DC Bias in the Power Grid and Possibilities of Compensation
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-047 - Tank Rupture Resistance
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-048 - Optimum Design Return Period of EHV Lines Considering Reliability, Security and Availability
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-049 - A Guide for Electrical Asset Replacement Strategy in Substations
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-050 - Concept Design and Characteristics of 500 kV HVDC Transformer
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-051 - Experience in UHV test of insulator set and fittings for a 800 kV DC
  • transmission line
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-053 - Challenges to perform standardized dielectric tests of UHV arrangements
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-054 - Design considerations for modern 400 kV AC substation in coastal area: what is missing in IEC/CIGRE requirements
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-055 - Effect of electrostatic induction and space charges on the audible corona noise of hybrid AC/DC transmission lines
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-056 - A Study on Development of Ultra High Voltage Off-Circuit Tap Changer
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-057 - HV and EHV bushing condition assessment – Field experience
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-058 - Reliable and Cost Effective Solutions for HVDC Switchyards
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-059 - HVDC Black start - Feature and its application
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-061 - Calibration of Satellite Resources for Applications of EHV and UHV Polymer Insulation
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-063 - Methods for Improving Transient Ground Impedance of Transmission Structures
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-066 - Dielectric Testing of Ultra High Voltage Equipment
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-068 - Review of advanced modelling methods for lattice steel towers
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-069 - Risk in Design, Construction and Testing of Grounding System
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-071 - Experience with On-Line Insulation Diagnostics of Surge Arresters by Partial Discharges Measurement in the Field
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-075 - Life extension technique for extra high voltage power cables
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-077 - A New Computational Method for Study of Corona Generated Electric Field Environment of HVDC Transmission Lines  
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-078 - Development of dry-insulated 800 kV transformer bushings
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-079 - Insulated Cables for Energy Transmission at UHVAC Level
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-080 – Making Test of a Fast Acting Earthing Switch for an EHV GIS
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-091 - Transient Recovery Voltage at Transformer Limited Fault Clearing  
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-096 - Impact of High Short-Circuit Current on Air Insulated Station Strain-Bus Design
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-100 – Wide-area control of New York State Power Grid with Multi-Functional Multi-Band Power System Stabilizers
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-101 - High Power AC and DC Underground Transmission Lines
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-105 - Experimental and Simulation Study of Partial Arc Activities on Post Insulators with Booster Sheds under Heavy Icing Conditions   
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-106 - Development of mixed gas GCB applied to low-temperature environment
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-108 - Present and Future of Controlled Switching Commissioning
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-109 - Laboratory Investigation on the Effect of Wind on Corona of HVDC Lines
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-111 - Seismic Solutions and Testing for High Voltage Air Insulated Switchgear
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-112 - Frequency Stabilizer in Transmission Systems
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-114 - Controlled Switching for Circuit Breakers with Pre-insertion Resistors Energizing Shunt Capacitor Banks
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-115 - BOLDTM Development – Mechanical Considerations for the Design of a Compact EHV Transmission Line
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-117 - Measuring Solution for (U) HV DC and AC
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-118 - Recent activities of insulation coordination for UHV transmission systems in CIGRE C4 and IEC TC 28
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-119 - Aspects of insulation coordination for DC links using hybrid lines
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-122 - Dynamic Behaviour of Transmission Lines Structures under Synoptic Wind Loads
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-125 - Critical Load Cases Simulating Downbursts: Economical Implications for Design of Transmission Lines
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-129 - Load Cases Simulating Tornadoes – Economic Implications for Transmission Line Structures Design
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-130 - Commissioning of the France Spain HVDC VSC control system replicas
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-132 - A procedure for determining transmission line transposition requirements
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-135 - Test and onsite experience with System Recovery Ancillary Service functions implemented in a VSC-HVDC converter
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-136 - 420kV AIS circuit-breaker performance comparison for shunt reactor application
  • 2016-CIGRE-IEC-140 - Prospects for Compaction of HVDC Transmission Lines

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Year: 2016

Place: Montreal, Canada

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