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Colloquium - Montreal 2012


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  • 004 - Innovative operational security tools for the development of a stable pan-European grid
  • 005 - Extending the life of your transformers, GIS and bus bars via condition monitoring
  • 015 - Multi-Year Dynamic Optimal Renewable DG Allocation in Distribution networks
  • 016 - Development and Implementation of Security Checking System (SCS) for Daily Generation Scheduling
  • 025 – Synthetic Testing of High-voltage Circuit-breaker
  • 028 - Designing Transformers for the Power Supply of a Transmission Line Inspection Robot
  • 031 – Advanced Protection and Control Using B-PLC
  • 033 - The Visualization Design and Implementation of Power System Operation Dynamic Monitoring
  • 034 - The Development of 1000 kV Tank-Type Capacitor Voltage Transformer
  • 035 - 12 kV Network Simulator for Training and Planning Purposes
  • 035_FR - Simulateur de réseau 12 kV pour formation et planification
  • 036 - Field Experiments on Precision Time Protocol Synchronization in Power Grids
  • 036_FR - Évaluation sur le terrain du "Precision Time Protocol" pour la synchronisation en réseaux électriques
  • 038 - Cost Effective Online Gas Monitors for Load Tap Changers and Transformers
  • 039 – A Contribution to the Development of Circuit-breakers of the Highest Voltage Level with Reduced Number of Interruption Points
  • 040 - Environmental Statistical Approach to Evaluating Swing Angles, Relative Insulation Strengths of Air Gaps and Risks of Failure Based on Locally Acquired Data - Practical Cases
  • 041 - Load Flow Analysis and Mitigation Considering Geomagnetically Induced Currents
  • 043 - Practical Considerations and Case Study for PSS Ramp Track Filter Design
  • 044 - Pilot Project and Laboratory Testing of EGLA for First Application on Hydro-Québec TransÉnergie Transmission System
  • 044_FR - Projet pilote et essais en laboratoire de parafoudres de ligne à éclateur externe pour la première installation sur le réseau d’Hydro-Québec TransÉnergie
  • 045 - Research on Task Scheduling of Cloud Computing with Ant Colony Optimization in Power Grid Asset Reliability Evaluation
  • 046 - Study on Control Center and Substation Integrated Monitor and Control System in Smart Grid
  • 049 - Identification of Wind Penetration Levels for Microgrid-Type Systems: Development of a Framework and Case Study of an Island Grid
  • 050 – Environment Friendly High Voltage Power Substation Design According to Legal Regulations in Poland
  • 051 – Failures of Power Supply Lines Caused by Landslides
  • 052 - Detecting fault generated surges in DC line of VSC HVDC schemes for travelling wave based fault location
  • 053 - Monitoring scheme for protection IED faults in IEC61850-based substation
  • 054 - Myth and Misunderstanding of Premium Efficiency Low Voltage Motors
  • 058 - In-service accuracy evaluation of transformer Loading guide models
  • 058_FR - Évaluation en service de l’exactitude des modèles prescrits dans les guides de charge des transformateurs
  • 059 - Analysis and Experimental Study on Corona Loss of Multi-Fission Wire in UHV Electronics Corona Cage
  • 060 - Impulsive Noise Measurement in Power Substations for Channel Modeling in ISM Band
  • 060_FR - Mesure du bruit impulsif dans les postes électriques pour la modélisation de canal dans la bande ISM
  • 061 - Medium Voltage Superconductor Cables Replacing Conventional High Voltage Systems for Urban Area Power Supply
  • 062 - Surviving the Elements - The Importance of the Network in Smart Grid Applications
  • 063 - Non-destructive testing of conductors and earth wires as a way to enhancement the OHL transfer capacity and operational availability
  • 064 - An Online Security Assessment Implementation in Mexican Power System
  • 065 - Modeling Various VFD-Equipped Motor Loads in Power System Security Studies
  • 066 - Thermography Allows More Efficient Transmission Line Modeling
  • 068 - High-Availability Allocation Model in the Cloud Environment
  • 071 - Ultra-high Voltage Converter Valve Technology for Smart Grid Development in China
  • 073 - A Province and Region Integrated Method of Automatic Load-Shedding
  • 075 - An Adaptive Droop Method for Local Reactive Power Compensation in an MV Microgrid
  • 076 - Supplementary Grid Functions in DFIG Wind Turbines to Meet Québec’s Frequency Requirements
  • 078 - Precise Algorithm for Nonlinear Elements in Large-Scale Real-Time Simulator
  • 078_FR - Algorithme précis de simulation des éléments non linéaires pour un simulateur temps réel à grande échelle
  • 079 - Incorporation of Protection System Failure Modes in Composite Power System Reliability Studies
  • 080 - Use of Graph Theory for Secondary Voltage Control
  • 080_FR - Utilisation de la théorie des graphes pour le réglage secondaire de la tension
  • 081 - Design, Studies and Implementation of two Parallel Large Static Var Compensators in the Hydro-Québec 735 kV System
  • 081_FR - Conception, études et implantation de deux compensateurs statiques sur le réseau à 735 kV d’Hydro-Québec
  • 082 - Sub-Synchronous Resonance in Grid-Connected DFIG-based wind farms: modeling, analysis and countermeasures
  • 083 - Chemical markers use for the diagnosis and life estimation of power transformers: a preliminary study of their origins
  • 083_FR - Utilisation des traceurs chimiques pour le diagnostic et l’estimation de la vie résiduelle des transformateurs de puissance, une étude préliminaire de leurs origines
  • 085 - Real Time Testing of Intelligent relays for Synchronous Distributed Generation Islanding Detection
  • 086 - Multiphase Short-Circuit Analysis Solver in Phase Coordinates Using A Modified-Augmented-Nodal Analysis Approach
  • 088 - Distributed Generation Fault Interconnection Protection Using Intelligent Relays
  • 089 - Application of Condition Monitoring and Technology within National Grid (UK)
  • 090 - On the Deflection Limit for Wood Pole Design
  • 091 - A New Approach to AGC Hydro-thermal Coordination with Joint Optimal Operation
  • 093 - Implementation of a Web-based Real-Time Monitoring and Control System for Smart Grids Applications
  • 094 - A Real-time Power Controller for Grid-connected Inverters in LV Smart Microgrids
  • 095 - Comparative Analysis of Active-Power Control between two Buses Using an HVDC Link and a Variable Frequency Transformer
  • 096 - Design and Implementation of a Bi-Directional Power Converter for an Induction Machine-based Integrated Starter-Generator System
  • 097 - Dynamic Modelling of MMC-based MTDC Systems for the Integration of Offshore Wind Generation
  • 099 - The Impact of Distributed Generation in Scotland (on the Energy System, to Consumers and to National Emission Levels)
  • 101 - Research on Corona Characteristics and Optimizing of top phase grading rings in 1000 kV UHV AC compact transmission lines
  • 103 - Present and future reinforcements in the Spanish transmission grid allowing to control active and reactive power flows (HVDCs, FACTS and PSTs)
  • 105 - Study on High Angle Operation for the converter valve for Hami-Zhengzhou +/- UHVDC Transmission Project
  • 107 - CFD Investigation on thermal performance of different types of windings for a 300 MVA transformer
  • 108 - Assessing Distribution System Voltage Impacts as a Function of PV Generation Levels and Voltage Regulator Operating Modes
  • 109 - Assessment of Reliability Impact for Using Ground Switches in High Voltage Load Stations
  • 110 - Managing the intermittency of renewable energy generation in Microgrids – issues and solutions
  • 110_FR - La gestion de la variabilité des ressources d’énergie renouvelable dans les microréseaux – enjeux et solutions
  • 111 - Integration of DTR and Series Equipment Limit Calculation into Real-Time Monitoring System
  • 112 - Influence of Ageing by-products on the Stability of some Transformer Fluids
  • 113 - Efficiency of a Service-aged Transformer Oil Reclamation Mobile Unit
  • 113_FR - Performances d’une unité mobile de régénération des huiles de transformateurs de puissance
  • 114 - New grid-planning approaches for the large-scale OWF grid connections
  • 116_FR – Étude de la stabilité transitoire en utilisant SIME avec le modèle classique et deux axes
  • 117 - Smart Grid Fault Management Techniques of a Dutch Utility
  • 118 - EMTP-MATLAB/SPS Co-simulation for Large-Scale Integration of Wind Power Plants
  • 118_FR - Co-simulation avec EMTP et MATLAB/SPS appliquée à l’intégration à grande échelle de centrales éoliennes
  • 119 - OHL Assessment and Risk Evaluation Based on Environmental and Inspection Data
  • 121 - Protection Challenges and Solutions for Temporary and Unusual Bus Configurations
  • 124 - Special Considerations for Insulation Co-ordination Design of the 3150 MW 600 kV Rio Madeira HVDC Transmission Scheme
  • 125 – Health Index for Power Transformers and Shunt Reactors
  • 125_FR – Indicateurs d’état des transformateurs de puissance et des inductances Shunt
  • 126 – Transfer Variability and the Need for New Limits on the Grid
  • 128 - Phase Angle Jump Estimation of Smart Grid Acquired Information
  • 128_FR - Estimation du saut d’angle de phase à partir de données saisies dans un réseau intelligent
  • 129 - Derating Approaches for Induction Machines Working with Unbalanced and Over/Undervoltage Supplies
  • 130 - Real-Time Adaptive Optimization Engine Algorithm for Integrated Volt/VAr Optimization and Conservation Voltage Reduction of Smart Microgrids
  • 131 - Transient Stability Constrained Optimal Power Flow using Fmincon Interior point and Genetic Algorithm Solvers
  • 133 - Real Time Thermal Rating
  • 134 - Transient Stability Constrained Optimal Power Flow: Methods and Challenges
  • 135 - New Power Generation Technologies: Waste to Energy Pathways for the Urban Environment
  • 136 - Islanding Detection of Inverter-interfaced wind turbines using intelligent relays
  • 138 - Digital Real-Time Simulator Using IEC 61850 Communication for Testing Devices
  • 138_FR - Simulateur numérique temps réel utilisant le protocole CEI 61850 dans un environnement d’essais avec équipements
  • 139 - Optimization of Security Limits on the Hydro-Québec Transmission System
  • 139_FR - Optimisation des limites de sécurité du réseau de transport d’Hydro-Québec
  • 140 - Islanding Detection at Châteauguay HVDC Substation
  • 140_FR - Détection des situations d’îlotage au poste électrique CCHT de Châteauguay
  • 141 - New Efficient Approach for Optimal Sizing and Placement of Micro Combined Heat and Power Systems on Low Voltage Grids
  • 142 - Challenges and Solutions for Fast and Accurate Fault Location and System Restoration
  • 144 - Vision-based guidance algorithms for UAV power line inspection
  • 145 - Advanced Applications of FACTS in Industrial Distribution Systems in Middle Europe
  • 146 - Wind-Diesel Emulator for Remote Grid Applications
  • 147 - Synchronous Phasors Monitoring System – Testing Project in the Czech Republic
  • 149 - Damage Assessment of Existing Transmission Towers Using Sugeno Model
  • 150 - State of Deployment of a Smart Grid Demonstration Project
  • 150_FR - Projet de démonstration de réseau intelligent – État de déploiement
  • 153 - Current challenges for the European Interconnected System and Situation Awareness in Transmission System Operation
  • 156 - Sizing Energy Storage Facility for Voltage Regulation
  • 159 - Integrated evaluation of technical, economical, social and environmental aspects of planning of works at transmission and distribution systems: a proposal
  • 162 - Temperature and Stress Effects on Charge Accumulation and Transport in Extruded Insulation Compositions
  • 165 - Fault Diagnostic Aid System for Hydro Generator
  • 166 - Advances in wind load modelling on overhead transmission lines
  • 168 - Introducing Secure Authentication Version 5 for DNP3
  • 170 - Simple and Effective Measures for Noise Reduction in Power Transformers
  • 171 - An Information Overlay for Grid Stability Alerts
  • 172 - Risk Assessment of Power Equipment Using Hybrid Method Based on Technical and Economical Evaluation in Smart Grid
  • 174 - Network Robustness Index for Power Systems
  • 175 - Optimal Maintenance Strategy Considering On-line diagnosis for Power System Facilities in Smart Grid
  • 176 - Framework Selection for Environmental Assessments in HVDC technology
  • 178 - Multi-Terminal Operation of the South-West Link HVDC Scheme in Sweden
  • 179 - Oil-conductivity Measuring Methods for the Condition Assessment of HVDC Insulation Systems
  • 181 - Development of Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Model for Energy Storage System
  • 182 – Electricity Theft Detection
  • 183 - Dynamic Line Loading of Transmission Lines: An Application Guideline
  • 184 - Increasing Demand for Voltage Control in Secondary Substations in Order to Increase Network Capabilities for Renewable Energy Feed-In
  • 185 - Towards Numerical Prediction of Overhead Line Instabilities due to Icing
  • 186 - Design and Analysis of a Region-Wide Remotely Controllable Electrical Lock-Out System
  • 187 - A practical online monitoring system based on wide area measurements for power system dynamic security assessment
  • 188 – Health and Risk Index Tools for Station Apparatus
  • 189 - Medium-term Operation planning problem of hydrothermal systems via multistage stochastic methods
  • 190 - Solving Hydro-Québec's midterm generation scheduling problem under reservoir inflow uncertainty
  • 191 - Understanding Sub-synchronous Interactions in Power Systems using Dynamic Phasor Based Small Signal Stability Analysis
  • 193 - An Adaptive Online Voltage Stability Monitoring Scheme using Synchro-phasors
  • 196 - On-site testing of extruded AC and DC cables above 36 kV and up to 500 kV - Some thoughts about the physics behind it, standards and test techniques
  • 197 - Optical Sensor for Non-Contact Voltage Measurement
  • 197_FR - Capteur optique pour la mesure de tension sans contact
  • 199 - Integrated test Suite - A new, innovative and an emerging testing tool
  • 200 - Utilizing the bandwidths of the Protection data Interface for effective Smart Grids
  • 201 - How to sustain your investment of intelligent field devices during times of smart grid evolution
  • 202 - Importance of Smart Grid System [A Part of Green-Energy] and Sustainable Energy in Ontario, Canada
  • 205 - Advanced Nano-Structured TapeS for electro-technical high power Insulating Applications
  • 206 – Strategies towards the Development of Novel Nanostructured Functional Dielectrics
  • 206_FR - Stratégies en faveur du développement de nouveaux diélectriques fonctionnels nanostructurés

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Year: 2012

Place: CANADA, Montreal

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