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Reference: COLL_HEL_2019


SC D2 Colloquium - Helsinki 2019



  • D2_2019_PS1_P_01_BA_HELJIC : Distributed Information System for customer connections (DISP)
  • D2_2019_PS1_P_02_CN_LIANG : Practice of big data protection for the electric power utilities based on data masking
  • D2_2019_PS1_P_03_ES_MARTINEZ : Maintenance strategy and condition assessment for critical assets in an electrical grid
  • D2_2019_PS1_P_04_FI_KOPONEN : Combining the strengths of different modeling methods in short-term load 
    forecasting of a distribution grid area with active demand 
  • D2_2019_PS1_P_05_GB_TAYLOR : Design and development of enhanced data exchange to enable future TSO-DSO interoperability 
  • D2_2019_PS1_P_06_JP_MITANI : Introduction of anomaly predictor detection system in thermal power  statíons
  • D2_2019_PS1_P_08_SI_KOLAR : Dangerous liaisons in IT – OT convergence
  • D2_2019_PS1_P_10_CN_GUO : Residential electricity demand and heterogeneit – Analysis based on the finite mixture model
  • D2_2019_PS1_P_11_JP_KATSURA : Research and application of deep learning for improving T&D maintenance efficiency
  • D2_2019_PS1_P_12_RU_KHALYASMAA : The issues of high-voltage equipment technical state assessment systems development based on unsupervised machine learning approaches
  • D2_2019_PS1_P_13_RU_TSYDENOV : Active power flow control using machine learning  
  • D2_2019_PS1_P_14_US_CHONGFUANGPRINYA : Spatial prediction for outage location using machine learning techniques
  • D2_2019_PS1_P_15_CN_GAO : An intelligent power line inspection image (video) analysis system
  • D2_2019_PS1_P_16_JP_KANAZAWA : Implementation of multiple system environments built by an on-premises private cloud with data virtualization technology 
  • D2_2019_PS1_P_19_CN_HU : Research on ICT architecture and a SDN-based WAMS design in energy internet 
  • D2_2019_PS2_P_01_AU_MASCITTI : Implementing cyber security controls in an OT environment 
  • D2_2019_PS2_P_02_BR_LEAL : Cybersecurity overview
  • D2_2019_PS2_P_03_FI_PENNANEN : Improving cyber security by regular exercises
  • D2_2019_PS2_P_04_FI_SUOMALAINEN : Cyber security in MPLS-TP networks
  • D2_2019_PS2_P_05_IN_AGARWAL : Cyber secured grid management in indian power system 
  • D2_2019_PS2_P_07_US_HOLSTEIN : Leveraging the capabilities of an Integrated Security Operations Center (ISOC) 
  • D2_2019_PS2_P_08_US_Hong : Cyber attack resilient Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) in digital substations
  • D2_2019_PS2_P_09_TW_KO : Cybersecurity defense system for distributed communication network in IEC-61850 power substations
  • D2_2019_PS2_P_10_CN_MIAO : Cyber security and protection of power system with renewable energy
  • D2_2019_PS2_P_11_US_LIU : Cyber attack and defense for smart inverters in a distribution system
  • D2_2019_PS2_P_12_IT_TERRUGGIA : Cyber security standard and architectural assessment for a new digitalized power infrastructure
  • D2_2019_PS2_P_13_IT_TODESCHINI : Cyber security requirements of multi-operator IT/OT architectures 
    based on NISTIR 7628 guidelines
  • D2_2019_PS2_P_14_RU_FEDOROV : Blockchain technology as a cybersecurity solution 
    for protection relay settings management
  • D2_2019_PS2_P_15_SE_EMILLON : Brief overview of blockchain applications in the swedish utility industry  
  • D2_2019_PS2_P_16_JP_ISHII : Integration and sophistication of cybersecurity monitoring
  • D2_2019_PS2_P_18_US_HAHN : Tomato: threat observability & monitoring assessment tool for resilience
  • D2_2019_PS3_P_01_FI_KALLIOMAKI : Using cloud computing for sensor and data management for an internet of things solution
  • D2_2019_PS3_P_02_GB_KULKARNI : Large scale IoT implementation in indian power distribution utility-A case study
  • D2_2019_PS3_P_03_JP_IMAI : Japanese use cases of utilizing wearable devices for supporting on-site operations
  • D2_2019_PS3_P_04_JP_KIUCHI : Sensor information transmission using a smart meter communication network to monitor electric power facilities
  • D2_2019_PS3_P_05_JP_YAMADA : Collection of equipment information using communication systems utilizing IoT  
  • D2_2019_PS3_P_06_JP_YAMAGUCHI : Drone use for disaster response, power equipment patrol and inspection of power grids
  • D2_2019_PS3_P_07_US_YE : An open IoT data analytical framework for distributed energy resource management
  • D2_2019_PS3_P_10_CN_LI : IoT-G: A millisecond-level-latency wireless communication technology for private distribution network in UHV power grid
  • D2_2019_PS3_P_11_CN_YANG : Research and practice of the D-IoT system

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Study Committee:  D2 ?

Year: 2019

Place: Helsinki, Finland

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