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Reference: COLL_HAK_2019


Colloquium - Hakodate 2019



  • 1-1 : The voltage-sourced converter applied to new Hokkaido-Honshu HVDC link
  • 1-2 : Live line maintenance in HVDC ± 800 KV- minimum safety distance and minimum number of insulators in good condition
  • 1-3 : Direct current high-voltage gas-insulated switchgear up to ±550 kV
  • 1-4 : Application strategies for externally gapped line arresters against lightning outages on the 400 kV overhead transmission lines in Hong Kong
  • 1-5 : Development and experience of proficiency test scheme for high voltage testing
  • 2-1 : Development of EHV DC circuit breaker with current injection
  • 2-2 : UFD with high arc resistance and dielectric recovery characteristics for current commutated hybrid DCCB
  • 2-3 : Development of 250 kV DC gas insulated switchgear
  • 2-x4 : Optimizing the protection level of surge arrester in HVDC converter station by increasing the charge rate of the ZnO varistors
  • 2-5 : Improvement of high energy absorption capability of ZnO element and its application for transmission line arresters with externally series gap
  • 3-1 : Recovery voltage at capacitive current interruption for high resistance earthed neutral systems
  • 3-2 : Design optimization of 126kV axial magnetic field contact
  • 3-3 : Research on temperature field simulation technology of vacuum circuit breaker based on multi-physics-field coupling
  • 3-4 : High voltage F-gas free switchgear applying CO2/O2 sequestration with a variable pressure scheme
  • 3-5 : Investigation of thermal interrupting performance of a circuit breaker with SF6 and SF6 alternatives
  • 4-1 : UHV AC substation design standardization
  • 4-2 : Long-term qualification procedure on a GIS HVDC RC-divider and HVDC GIS system up to ±350 kV 
  • 4-3 : Design and test of a 1100kV GIL for tunnel installation
  • 4-4 : Challenges for compact gas insulated substation considering reduction of environmental impact, fire prevention and Safety
  • 4-5 : Application of polymeric gas bushing for transformer to improve the reliability, safety and maintainability in substation
  • 5-1 : Power system coherency Iidentification for large HVDC-AC grids
  • 5-2 : A new energy management control of modular multilevel converters for coping with voltage stress on sub-modules
  • 5-3 : Impact of operational parameters on HVDC circuit breaker requirements
  • 5-4 : Design and development of ultrafast mechanical switch for 500kV hybrid DC circuit breaker
  • 5-5 : MMC-STATCOM application at dominion energy colington substation
  • 6-1 : New tools and technologies during high-voltage live-line maintenance
  • 6-2 : Risk quantification of insulator failure towards improving inspection efficiency in transmission lines
  • 6-3 : Corrosion evaluation of ACSR (Aluminium Conductor Steel-Reinforced cable) overhead transmission lines with ACM (Atmospheric Corrosion Monitor) sensors in coastal areas and foggy mountainous areas
  • 6-4 : Conductor stringing electrical safety for overhead lines
  • 6-5 : Engineering process and performance verification of installing LC Spiral Rods on overhead transmission line crossing highways in Canada
  • 7-1 : Comparison of physical and analytical methods for Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) calculations
  • 7-2 : Use cases of dynamic line rating for optimized operation and planning of power transmission network
  • 7-3 : Approach to evaluate thermal stresses of high temperature low sag conductors' fittings
  • 7-4 : The first generation of synergic overhead transmission lines network
  • 7-5 : Spacer dampers for EHV transmission lines: control of aeolian vibrations and subspan oscillations
  • 8-1 : Comparison of voltage rise at transmission towers hit by lightning calculated by FDTD and method of moments
  • 8-2 : Risk assessment of 500 kV surge arrester due to direct and multiple lightning strokes
  • 8-3 : FDTD simulation of EHV transmission line faults caused by winter lightning at a mountainous region along the coast of the Japan sea
  • 8-4 : Using mixture distributions to analyze overvoltage probabilities for different prefault conditions in an HVDC converter station
  • 8-5 : Analysis of internal overvoltage and insulation coordination of electrode line in HVDC project
  • 9-2 : Vibration phenomena in oil-immersed transformers generated by load current using electromagnetic force and structural analysis
  • 9-x3 : field experience of natural ester filled transformer
  • 10-1 : General overview of AC and DC current injection on high voltage potential for HVDC long-term tests
  • 10-2 : Development tests, type tests, factory acceptance tests and on-site tests using modular and mobile DC test systems
  • 10-3 : An alternative approach to cable fault location in high voltage engineering
  • 10-4 : Testing and long-term performance of gas-insulated systems for DC application
  • 10-5 : Basic phenomena in gas-insulated HVDC systems and adequate dielectric testing
  • 11-1 : Partial discharge inception characteristics of oil impregnated paper insulation System with Inserted Insulating Papers of Removed Oil-filled Cable
  • 11-2 : A study on observation of light emission of partial discharges and bubbles in oil gap on oil impregnated paper insulation system
  • 11-3 : Thermoelectric vapor chamber smart cooling system for EHV power cables in underground tunnels
  • 11-4 : 250kV HVDC XLPE cable system in undersea tunnel between Hokkaido and Honshu in Japan
  • 11-5 : Development of long-bodied joints to replace existing joints for 275 kV XLPE cables
  • P1-01 : Economic weatherability structure design using operational and structural reliability concept – A case study from Manitoba Hydro
  • P1-02 : Development of static induction [SI] power supply system applied to LED source for low intensity obstacle light
  • P1-04 : Investigation of wind turbine wake effects on overhead line conductor vibration
  • P1-05 : Advanced maintenance of transmission steel towers with environmental monitoring data and corrosion rate maps
  • P1-06 : Innovative methodology for modelling the criticality of shutdowns by fires in transmission line spans and optimum area design for the suppression of vegetation
  • P1-08 : Review of lightning performance of 500kV Air Tawar – Bukit Tarek/Janamanjung overhead transmission line of Malaysia: an insight into efforts to improve line performance against lightning
  • P1-09 : Insight into the trending of solar radiation and ambient temperature in Malaysia towards a possible implementation on step-wise rating.
  • P1-10 : Development of the test capable to reveal level of adhesion between fibreglass rod and coating of composite insulators
  • P1- 11 : High corrosion resistance of ACFR
  • P1-12 : Voltage measurement based on inverse piezoelectric effect and fibre grating
  • P1-13 : Integral equation to calculate partial discharge characteristics for asymmetric electrode systems
  • P1-14 : Dielectric tests for 250 kV DC-GIS
  • P1-15 : Air insulation test results of 500kV double bi-pole transmission line with metallic return conductor
  • P1-x1 : Effect of electrode material on OPGW direct lightning strike
  • P1-x2 : The breakdown characteristics and synergistic effects of C4F7N/CO2 gas mixtures under lightning impulse
  • P2-01 : Space charge distribution in double layered insulating materials used for DC transmission cable joint 
  • P2-02 : Research on breaking test method of mechanical DC circuit breaker
  • P2-03 : Small amounts of oil leakage detection for transformer using fluorescence recognition technology and field test
  • P2-04 : Integrating sustainability and innovation in HV substation design
  • P2-05 : Development of 550 kV GIS transportable as one bay unit
  • P2-06 : Recent HVDC projects – interconnection of countries, off-shore wind connection and Back-to-Back systems
  • P2-07 : VSC HVDC applications – enabling high reliability transmissions
  • P2-08 : Reproduction of measured high-current surge characteristics of grounding electrodes with the finite difference time domain method
  • P2-09 : FDTD simulation of electromagnetic fields associated with lightning to a transmission line
  • P2-10 : Transient electromagnetic and thermal analysis of a lightning-impulse-applied transmission line surge arrester using the FDTD method
  • P2-11 : Effect of earth surface on lightning electromagnetic pulse propagation
  • P2-12 : Novel and necessary structure of overall on-line monitoring for power system - relation layer
  • P2-13 : Investigation on current breaking phenomena for EHV transmission system with phase-shifter

File Size: 85 MB

Year: 2019

Place: Hakodate, Japan

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