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Guidelines for the procurement and testing of STATCOMS



This document is expected to be used by System Planners, System Operators, System Users, Investors and all other stakeholders that will be involved in the various stages of a STATCOM project, from the project inception to the final date when placed in service. As the technology used in STATCOM's advance, this brochure attempts to give high level guidance to how to properly procure and test a STATCOM installation without defining how one should explicitly specify the equipment required. In saying this, a great deal of the content of this brochure is based upon the contributing member's experience in either integrating a STATCOM into their grid or supplying one. The technology associated with STATCOMs is developing very quickly, with many vendors able to supply quality equipment. In order not to interfere with what vendors may be able to supply and developing test standards produced by CIGRE and other international organizations (IEC, IEEE), reference are made to existing standards where applicable.

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Study Committee:  B4 ?

WG (TF): WG B4.53

Year: 2016

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