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Factors for Investment Decision GIL vs.Cables for AC Transmission

The work of JWG B3/B1-27 has gone towards the direction of evaluation of all the cost factors and drivers when comparing the two different undergrounding options i.e. insulated cables and gas insulated lines. In particular, factors for the cost of GIL and cable project are compared in relative numbers and facts. The definition of cost factors of capital cost, reactive power compensations cost, transmission losses cost, repair process cost, O&M cost, computation of decommission and dismantling cost, computation of the burden of territory cost, health & safety cost, case of fire cost, aging of equipment cost and cost related to construction of GIL and cable projects are presented for use in a given project.

File Size: 33,3 MB

Pages NB: 139

Study Committee:  B1, B3 ?

WG (TF): JWG B3/B1.27

Year: 2015

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