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Reference: 38_307_1994

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Modelling of post generation loss frequency behaviour in power systems


This paper describes a research project jointly undertaken by Electricity Supply Board, Ireland and Nuclear Electric plc, U. K. to simulate the behaviour of grid system frequency following a loss of generation infeed. A modular approach to modelling power plant, customer load and other relevant phenomena is proposed which can be used to predict the minimum frequency and its time of occurrence, following a generation loss. 

A series of specifically designed experiments is described which can provide the data required to establish parameters for these models, and examples of indi vidual model fi ts obtained are given. The response of the assembled system/plant model, configured to represent an actual system incident, is demonstrated. 

The applications of this tool in power system operation are also outlined and areas for further work and research identified. 


File Size: 2,7 MB

Pages NB: 6

Study Committee:  38 (now C4) ?

Year: 1994

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