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Reference: 34-02_1970

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Protection and Automation Keeping Effective Overload Capabilities of Lines and Transformers



In the case of a failùre of generating or transmission units in interconnected systems, the essential safety factor for the supply of electricity is the availability of sufftcient reserves of transfer capability. 
However, appreciable possibilities of overloads on the lines and the transfonners are often ignored and, arising from this, are not used at present : they are those which depend upon the temperature rise limits of the installations and which, conse­quently, are related to the atmospheric circumstances and to the load conditions preceding a disturbance. 
After having recalled the importance of these overload capabilities and the fact that they must corne into account more and more, the paper de scribes some means, either existing or projected, designed to turn them into account when the sa/ ety 
of the system is endangered. 
The exceptional character of these situations leads to the conclusion that improved devices for protection, inionnation 
and automation can be made more productive in this respect than costly reinforcements of high voltage systems. 

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Study Committee:  34 (now B5) ?

Year: 1970

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