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Reference: 114-2014_0079


Optimal Operation of HVDC Links Embedded in an AC Network

Electrical grid development is necessary, in order to ease the whole electricity market, to enhance the security of power systems and to facilitate the integration of renewable energies. HVDC technology is one possible response that is considered by many TSOs. A new challenge consists today in handling the operation of such HVDC links integrated in an already meshed AC network. This paper presents a possible solution for an optimal operation of such HVDC links in steady state. The power set point is chosen thanks to an optimization tool that coordinates all HVDC links and phase-shifter transformers (PST) in a widespread area. Then, for each HVDC link, an automatic device adapts the power set point in few minutes to solve, if any, overloads on close lines. Preventive and curative actions enabled by HVDC technology are used to improve the performance of the network.

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Year: 2014

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