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Reference: WBN022


Impact of high penetration of inverter-based generation on system inertia of networks


The objective of this JWG is to advise and formulate philosophies for system operations in order to prepare the on-going energy transition. Primary Frequency Response studies will be carried out (or existing studies will be reviewed) in order to analyse and mitigate against the impact of the reduction of synchronous inertial energy on the power system as a result of integration of non-synchronous renewable generation using various networks around the globe as case studies. The integration of the existing knowledge between system operation and system performance, as well as the interaction with system planning, is crucial to achieve the proposed goals.


The downloaded document includes on the first page the link to the video, and the complete presentation in PDF format.


File Size: 2,9 MB

Pages NB: 51

Study Committee:  C2, C4 ?

WG (TF): JWG C2/C4.41

Year: 2020

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