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Testing voltage of doubly-fed asynchronous generator-motor rotor windings for pumped storage system



Recently, several adjustable speed pumped storage schemes have been realised by using double-fed asynchronous machines. However, a unique characteristic of the variable speed pump-turbine is that it requires a relatively small speed range compared to the general motor drive system. This requirement leads to special designs for rotor windings. The system mainly consists of an asynchronous generator-motor with three-phase distributed winding on its rotor surface and an AC Exciter system connected to the three phase rotor winding as power source supplying in-slip frequency required to adjust the unit speed keeping connection to the 50 Hz power system. The AC Exciter system consists of Injection Enhanced Gate Transistor (IEGT) Inverters, Chopper circuit, IEGT Converters and Excitation transformer.

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Study Committee:  A1 ?

WG (TF): WG A1.34

Year: 2019

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