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Reference: WGR_289_1

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Capabilities and requirements of a control centre in the 21st century - functional and human resources view



Most countries are facing a lot of changes in power system operation due to the movement towards a liberalized, market based, competitive framework and the ambitious politically motivated objectives to protect the climate and the environment. With respect to these changes the capabilities and requirements of control centres are identified. The  functional and human resources view copes with jobs and tasks to be performed in the control centre including its organizational aspects, system security aspects including risk management, the increased complexity of situation awareness of system dynamic phenomena and new training and knowledge requirements for control centre (CC) operators. The additional upcoming challenges in the 21st century within power system operation to be solved are described.

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Pages NB: 11

Study Committee : C2 ?

WG (TF): WG C2.34

Year: 2016

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