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Modelling of Aeolian vibration of single conductors strung at relatively high tensile load - Application to HV & UHV lines



Research conducted by Working Group B2.31 (formerly TF 1 of WG B2.11) and summarised in reports [1] & [2], covers the modelling of Aeolian vibration of an undamped single conductor and of a single conductor plus one damper. These reports define the expected vibration level and assess the uncertainties associated with the present technology based on the Energy Balance Principle (EBP) and a shaker-based approach. It has been shown that analytical methods based on the EBP and a shaker-based technology can provide a useful design tool for damping systems that protect a single conductor against Aeolian vibration.
The purpose of the present report is to evaluate the effectiveness of thesemethods for the design and/or verification of the damping system of long, single conductor spans strung at relatively high tensile load, such as crossings, which need more than one damper per span extremity to be effectively damped against Aeolian vibration.

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Pages NB: 7

Study Committee : B2 ?

WG (TF): WG B2.31

Year: 2011

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