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Reference: WBN013


Design, deployment and maintenance of optical cables associated to overhead transmission lines



This Webinar is a thorough overview on OPGW encompassing its project management, designs,  testing, installations and maintenance since its creation in the early 1980s. As a whole, the industry has coincided into common project approaches, into a general rally around metallic tube with a high count of fibres of new generations of improved telecommunications transmission performance, into standard construction practices and into mitigative actions in maintenance. Nevertheless, the subject is not exhausted and has seen continuous lessons learned and new ventures in topics such as OPPC, DTS and DSTS.  One further topic of recent interest because of product 30-year history of deployment is the assessment of its reliability and if the actual performance meets the design predictions.



The downloaded document includes on the first page the link to the video, and the complete presentation in PDF format.


File Size: 6,2 MB

Pages NB: 72

Study Committee:  B2, D2 ?

WG (TF): JWG D2/B2.39

Year: 2019

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