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Responsible management of the EMF issue



EMF research remains active and EMF continues to present major issues for some businesses. Since the WHO 2007 review, there have been over 1200 peer reviewed studies regarding EMF and possible health effects.

In 2001 the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified power-frequency magnetic fields as “possibly carcinogenic”. Given the high standing of IARC, this classification often forms the main argument of opponents.

While the evidence falls short of establishing any adverse health effects, concerns are amplified by the way people perceive risks and the amount of publicly available information (much of it incorrect).

Industry has been actively managing the EMF issue since the early 80s.  However, many key industry personnel have moved on or retired. This combined with the worldwide trend for downsizing and increased staff turnover has resulted in a reduction of knowledge and expertise around responsible EMF management.

In light of the continuation of EMF research, vocal and better connected advocates and a classification that looks likely to remain, industry is likely to face some challenges in the years ahead.

If not managed consistently, openly and responsibly the issue can have serious implications for businesses.

The purpose of this webinar is to provide an overview of EMF including the state of the science, demonstrating compliance with guidelines and how to effectively deal with uncertainty.



The downloaded document includes on the first page the link to the video, and the complete presentation in PDF format.


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Year: 2019

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